UraDJ Jukebox System

by OhmGeek

GitHub Readme.md



A remote jukebox system

How to get the jukebox running

The songs are all stored in server memory, so if the server goes down, queued songs are lost.

First, install dependencies

npm install

Then, start the server

npm start


Backup playlist

In the event no-one has queued songs, a simple song playlist has been hard coded in the jukebox.js file, that is used whenever the user requested songs queue is empty.

Duplicate song rejection

If a song already appears in the list, it is rejected and the user is alerted.

Short songs only

Songs that are 10 minutes or longer are automatically rejected. This prevents someone placing a 10 hour remix on the jukebox system.

Queue management through the player

One can delete songs from the player, and see the current queue.


Developed by Ryan Collins and Mike Croall as part of an event app.