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Teacher Schedule Checker for DMM Eikaiwa. This application sends emails to you when reservable lessons of your favorite teachers are available.

Deploying to Heroku

You can deploy dmm-eikaiwa-tsc to Heroku easily. At first, click this button.


And then, input following.

  • App Name - Heroku's application name. dmm-eikaiwa-tsc-demo or something.
  • TEACHER_IDS - Teacher's IDs what you want to follow
  • NOTIFICATION_EMAILS - Email addresses for notification

Finally, click Heroku Scheduler link and click Add new job button. Next, type bin/fetcher -l debug and then click Save as follows.

Heroku Scheduler setting

That's all for now, you'll receive emails of reservable lesson schedules of your favorite teachers.

NOTE, Emails are sent from, please check a spam folder if you cannot get emails.

Updating this application

Do you want to deploy any updates to your Heroku environment? You can deploy this application as follows:

$ git clone
(Or git pull when second time)
$ cd dmm-eikaiwa-tsc
$ heroku git:remote -a <YOUR_APPLICATION_NAME>
$ git push heroku master
---> Starting to deploy to Heroku

NOTE: You have to install Heroku Toolbelt to use heroku command.



$ ./
$ source venv/bin/activate

Migrating database

$ alembic upgrade head