Stripe Connect Silex

by okjake



Example of a minimal Stripe connect authentication flow using PHP & Silex.

If you just need a quick way to sign users up to your Stripe connect platform, you can deploy a copy to Heroku for free:



Two environment variables (config vars for Heroku) are needed:

  • CLIENT_ID: Stripe connect client ID from settings
  • API_KEY: Stripe secret key from apikeys

For development you can create a new file called .env in the project root and add these values, they'll be read and used automatically.


You'll need to set the redirect URI for the callback from Stripe in the settings panel.

By default this should be [your app url]/callback. For example - if deployed to Heroku, the redirect URL is https://[app-name]

Further development

That's as much as you need to do to get everything working. The PHP is minimal and commented. You'll probably want to customise the markup in web/views.