OWASP TimeGap Theory

by owasp

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OWASP TimeGap Theory

An auto-scoring capture-the-flag game focusing on TOCTOU vulnerabilities

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Deploy on Heroku (free ($0/month) dyno)

  1. Sign up to Heroku and log in to your account
  2. Click the button below and follow the instructions


This is the quickest way to get a running instance of TimeGap Theory! If you have forked this repository, the deploy button will automatically pick up your fork for deployment! As long as you do not perform any DDoS attacks you are free to use any tools or scripts to hack your TimeGap Theory instance on Heroku!

Run on Docker (free)

Quickest way:

git clone https://github.com/OWASP/TimeGap-Theory.git

cd TimeGap-Theory

docker-compose up -d
  1. Install Docker Desktop.
  2. Obtain the source code.
  3. Open Terminal and navigate to the TimeGap Theory directory.
  4. Issue the following command: docker-compose up -d
  5. On your browser navigate to http://localhost/