Telegram Web

by ParveenBhadooOfficial

GitHub alternative client

Un-Official Un-edited Telegram Web Client with Different Domains

Code from

Don't want to know how this work, but need to access Telegram Web Try below link.

Why this Repo?

Telegram is banned in several countries, in India Telegram is blocked on several networks including Jio and Airtel. So in this repo i will continuously provide new domains to access Telegram without compromising privacy or security of your data.

Blocked URLs by Different Countries

  • https://*
  • * can be replaced with ["pluto","venus","aurora","vesta","flora"]

List of Domains

Domains Current Status, Availability and Downtime

Deploy to Github Pages (Custom Domain Supported)

  • Fork this Repo
  • Go to Settings and Setup Github Pages
  • It'll publish on your
  • You can add custom domain if you want.
  • Create a CNAME Record in your DNS with value (replace username with your username)

Deploy to Server (Custom Domain Supported)

  • Download the Repo.
  • Extract in your server directory.
  • Open your site address.

Deploy to ( (Custom Domain Supported)

Fork the Repo and manually deploy to

Deploy to Heroku (Custom Domain Supported in Paid Plans)