Example Paymentez Backend

by paymentez

GitHub Readme.md

Example App Backend

This is a really simple Java webapp that you can use to test Paymentez example iOS apps and example Android apps.

This is intended for example purposes only: you'll likely need something more serious for your production apps.

Deploying to Heroku

To deploy this for free on Heroku, click this button:


Then set the BACKEND_URL variable in our example apps to your Heroku URL (it'll be in the format https://my-example-app.herokuapp.com).

Happy testing!

Running Locally

Make sure you have Java and Maven installed. Also, install the Heroku CLI.

$ git clone https://github.com/paymentez/example-java-backend.git
$ cd example-java-backend
$ mvn install
$ heroku local:start

Your app should now be running on localhost:5000.