Slack Pull Request Bot

by pedrorijo91



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Slack bot that reminds team members to review existing pull requests in regular time intervals.

Built with gilbertw1/slack-scala-client library.

How to run

Simply click on the "Deploy to Heroku" button under this section, or use the command sbt run.



In the src/main/resources/application.conf file you need to insert the Slack API Token in the slack.token field, and the room id in the field.

The documentation is available online

Note: You need to manually create the bot user here and enable it. Also, you need to invite the bot to the channel/group since it can't join channels/groups by itself


The bot allows to easily configure some parameters:

  • Time interval between each reminder, through the slack.intervalparameter
  • Message posted by the bot, through the slack.messageparameter
  • Mentioning all channel/group users or not, through the slack.mentionparameter

Other usages

This bot can easily be generalized for any other regular task replacing the body of the postMessage method