Meetup bot with Recast

by plieb


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This bot is part of the #OBAW project - Week 0x0005 - Salesforce

Salesforce Bot for Facebook Messenger using Recast.AI

A Salesforce-powered bot for the DreamHouse sample application using Recast.AI NLP

Follow the instructions below to create your own instance of the bot:

Step 1: Install the DreamHouse App

If you haven't already done so, follow these instructions to install the DreamHouse sample application.

Step 2: Create a Connected App

If you haven't already done so, follow the steps below to create a Salesforce connected app:

  1. In Salesforce Setup, type Apps in the quick find box, and click the Apps link

  2. In the Connected Apps section, click New, and define the Connected App as follows:

    • Connected App Name: MyConnectedApp (or any name you want)
    • API Name: MyConnectedApp
    • Contact Email: enter your email address
    • Enabled OAuth Settings: Checked
    • Callback URL: http://localhost:8200/oauthcallback.html (You'll change this later to your Heroku URL at step 3)
    • Selected OAuth Scopes: Full Access (full)
    • Click Save

Step 3: Deploy the bot on Heroku

  1. Make sure you are logged in to the Heroku Dashboard

  2. Click the button below to deploy the Messenger bot on Heroku:


  3. Fill in the config variables as described.

    • For SF_CLIENT_ID, enter the Consumer Key of your Salesforce Connected App
    • For SF_CLIENT_SECRET, enter the Consumer Secret of your Salesforce Connected App
    • For SF_USER_NAME, enter the the username of your Salesforce integration user
    • For SF_PASSWORD, enter the the password + your secret token of your Salesforce integration user
    • For LANGUAGE, enter 'en'
    • For REQUEST_TOKEN filled at step 4
  4. Time to replace the callback URL from your Salesforce app to your Heroku URL

Step 4: Get your Recast bot

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Recast.AI account
  2. Follow this link Salesforce DreamHouse bot and fork the bot to your account
  3. Copy paste your bot request access token in the Config Variables section of your Heroku app to REQUEST_TOKEN

Step 5: Connect your bot to Messenger

  1. Go to your RUN tab
  2. Click the Bot Connector tab and follow instructions to add a Messenger channel
  3. Once it's done at the top set your Current bot webhook to :
    • Heroku URL + /webhook (
  4. You're all set !

Next steps ideas :

  1. Implement createLead in salesforce.js when client select a house
  2. Enrich the bot to understand more small talk intents
  3. Implement for recommendations


PE Lieb @liebpe

You can follow us on Twitter at @recastai for updates and releases.

Special thanks

For providing support and resources :