G-Drive Uploader

by prgofficial

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Google Drive Uploader Bot

Credit goes To CyberBoySumanjay and aryanvikash

Here Is Live Version Of Bot Gdriveupme_bot

You Can Use Heroku To host It.

Make sure You have Changed Your Bot Token and google client api Before Hosting It


Update (30 May 2020)

  • Teamdrive Support added

Teamdrive is not for users You have to hardcode it , Wait for V2 bot This Bot don't have active development I will add User Specfic Teamdrive option

How can You Add Teamdrive

  • Replace TEAMDRIVE_FOLDER_ID and TEAMDRIVE_ID in creds.py

What Is this ?

  A Telegram Bot Written In Python 

what can it do ?

It Can Upload Your Direct and Supported links into Google Drive.

Install Module

  sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Run This bot

python3 bot.py

How Can We use It

  • First authorise Bot Using /auth command Generate a Key and send it To bot .
  • Now You can Send Supported Link To Bot.

Avalible Commands

  • /start = Start Message
  • /auth = Authorise You
  • /revoke = Delete Your Saved credential
  • /help = help Text

Supported Links :

  • Direct Link
  • Mega.nz Link
  • openload link (not avalibe anymore)
  • Dropbox Link


  • Google Drive api Credential (Others type) Required
  • Telegram Bot Token (Using BotFather) Required
  • Openload ftp login and Key optional
  • Mega Email and Password Optional

If You wanna Change Openload Api and Mega Email Password You Can Change it From Given Path

  • Mega => Plugins > TEXT.py
  • Openload => Plugins > dlopenload.py

Setup Your Own Bot

1. Create Your  [Google Drive api Credential](https://console.cloud.google.com/apis/credentials) (other type) and Download  Its json

2. Paste it In Bot Root Directroy  and Rename it "client_secrets.json"

3. Replace Your Bot Token in  [creds.py file](./creds.py)

4. Your Bot is Ready to Host. 

My Hidden Thanks To ❤️


  • Rename file while uploading
  • Adding Telegram File Support [ slow Download :( ]
  • Add Youtube-dl
  • Fix openload support
  • Adding zippyshare , Mediafire , cloud mail , Yandex disk ,Sourceforge {these are already written In PPE plugin you can use these from there}
  • Google Drive Direct Link Generator


  • GPLv3