Automated Github Org Invites

by prismathic


Automated Github Organization Invites Code Climate Issue Count

Quickly host a webpage allow people to click and receive and invite to your Github Organization


  • Validates submitted Github usernames
  • Links in your Github Organization's avatar/image
  • Lightweight

Get It Right Now


All you have to do is

  1. Click Deploy to Heroku
  2. Fill in the Environment Variables when prompted. These will be a Github Access Token, which should have Organisation priviledges enabled, and a Github Organisation name, and a background color. The choices are {blue,green,grey,pink,red,white}. If you don't enter one of those strings it defaults to 'white'.

All Done! Just share the Heroku App's URL to people and they'll be able to get themselves an invite to your organisation.

Credit To Code, Applied To Life for their efforts which were used as a base for this.