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self-hosted website monitoring service.

Storm is a 100% open-source and internationalized platform that provides a self-hosted monitoring service to your web apps. It provides Slack notifications, AWS server reboot within Slack, response-time graphs, and many more useful features.

Table of contents



Deploy to Heroku

Be sure to enable the "worker" resource after successfully deploying.


To Do

  • Edit websites
  • Reboot websites (servers, via AWS)
  • Make sure entire set is internationalized.
  • Remove Stats link
  • Add Ping callback for Notifiers
  • Build Storm-bot (Slack bot) API (website statuses, website reboots, etc.)
  • Build Chrome new-tabs extension.
  • Build iOS/Android app.


  1. Thank you! We love our contributors!

  2. Clone the repository.

  3. Install missing dependencies:

    bundle install
    yarn install
  4. Setup your database: rails db:setup.

  5. Start your server with foreman: foreman start -f

  6. Make your changes in a thoughtfully-named branch.

  7. Ensure 1:1 test coverage.

  8. Submit a Pull Request!

  9. Celebrate! 🎉


Storm is maintained and funded by ProctorU, a simple online proctoring service that allows you to take exams or certification tests at home.

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