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Track your bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, and litecoin gains and losses in one place. profbit preview

Development Setup


We use Pipenv to manage requirements.

pip install pipenv
pipenv install
pipenv shell
npm install --dev

Server Config

You will first have register an application on Coinbase. When registering your app be sure to add the redirect url i.e. Then export the following configuration variables and create the database:

cd profbit

export SECRET_KEY="super-secret-key"
export SOCIAL_AUTH_COINBASE_KEY="coinbase-key"
export SOCIAL_AUTH_COINBASE_SECRET="coinbase-secret"
export FLASK_DEBUG=1

flask syncdb
npm build


Profbit is an open source side project. To support development and keep our server running, you can donate using:

  • Bitcoin: 19UsnMKjhm22mFEYKKNHjxdFCfnShTcbPM
  • Bitcoin Cash: 1L7qfnMFdgfrE5qTLDYvQskn3TiubUUpJP
  • Ethereum: 0x97A3D535391A5a87f8362935B26f252E68C25Aca
  • Litecoin: LWk4TL8n866gmLmEvQWSs9V7tBBdyoWjgQ


The heart icon was created by Jivan from the Noun Project.