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Spider Poker
Spider Poker

Self hosted Planning Poker WebApp


Basic feature list:

  • See live updates between your team members while you make changes to your backlog
  • Live chat with your team members and you can retreive the log later
  • Import your backlog from tools like Trello and Redmine


We rely heavily on docker during development so I'll assume you have docker-compose.

First time only:

docker-compose run api mix ecto.setup # create and migrate database

Start the development server:

docker-compose up

With this single command you'll have all servers running without having to install anything manually.

Go to localhost:8000 to see the application running.


Docker on rescue again but now you have to manually pass a MIX_ENV=test so our docker-compose.yml uses a testing database.

MIX_ENV=test docker-compose run api mix test

And if you want to lint the code:

docker-compose run api mix credo --strict


Production envyronment is prepared to be hosted by Heroku with just one click on the purple button above.

On the first setup you can skip Oauth variables but if you want to the social auth work you'll need Google's, GitHub's and Facebook's OAUTH client id and secrect.

Indeed it takes some time to get them but it's worth it. Here's how:

In all those three a callback URL will be asked.

The format is: https://my-app.herokuapp.com/auth/PROVIDER/callback. PROVIDER can be either google, github or facebook.

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