by proximiio

GitHub Portal

This Web Portal is part of the Proximity Platform ecosystem. Web Portal is used to manage the whole proximity installation like places, floors, geofences, beacon fleets, rich action flows etc.

Web Portal

Free account registration required

Please note that free account registration is required. Registration can be done beforehand using the registration form at or when you start the Web Portal and use the registration option at the login page. You'll receive basic instructions on how to get started after the registration via email.

Init from Github

  1. run "git clone"
  2. run "npm install" to install dependencies
  3. run "node ./server.js start" to start a portal

Init from npm

  1. run "sudo npm install -g proximiio"
  2. run "proximiio start" to start a portal


By default server runs at port 8000 and stores all files into .proximiio directory in user's home. You can override these values by setting environment variables PROXIMIIO_HOME and PORT

    export PROXIMIIO_HOME=/opt/proximiio
    export PORT=8043


Deploy to Bluemix