by r4p6-swgoh


The latest version has the game client version set to 99.99.99 by default, no need to update the GAME_CLIENT_VERSION anymore(hopefully)

  1. Save old settings(environment variables except GAME_CLIENT_VERSION)
  2. Install the app from scratch
  3. Set saved environment variables
  4. Delete the old app(to stay 24/7 free of charge forever)

Simple SWGOH Arena Tracker

Deploy straight to Heroku(24/7 free if a credit card registered)



Set environment variables:

Variable Name Description Notes ARENA_TYPE SQUAD or FLEET Required DISCORD_WEB_HOOK Webhook to discord channel. Required GAME_CLIENT_VERSION Not required, but in case of new game updates can help to fix errors (current version is 99.99.99) Optional ALLY_CODES Comma separated list of ally codes.
123456789,123456788,123456999 Ignored if ALLY_CODES_URL present DISCORD_TAGS Comma(+bar | ) separated list of pairs <ally_code>|<user_discord_id>.
How to find discord id. Ignored if ALLY_CODES_URL present ALLY_CODES_URL URL to a json file with players.
Recommended to use secret github gist like this example.
Notes:name and discordId is not required, just set them to an empty string "" Recommended

Deploy with Heroku steps

0. Delete previously created application(if you have one).

1. Click the button below.


2. Create the application with a unique name and press Deploy app button.


3. Once deployed press Manage App button.


4. Go to settings tab.


5. Press Reveal Config Vars button and set environment variables.


Ally codes is a comma-separated string(like: 123456789,125456189 ...).

You will need to create a Discord web hook in the channel of choice. Fill the DISCORD_WEB_HOOK with the that unique url.

Choose your arena type - SQUAD or FLEET.

GAME_CLIENT_VERSION is not required at first but will help to fix connection issues when the game client will be updated again(happens from time to time). Check the application logs if the tracker stops sending messages.

6. Activate the resource to run the tracker under the Resources tab.


7. Check logs under More -> View logs for any errors.


8. Add credit card to your profile to get extra free hours for full month free 24/7 hosting.


9. Keep only one application and one resource at a time, otherwise you will be charged...