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by RadialSpark, LLC.

TimeTracker is a basic application which provides a fully-functioning foundation for customized time-tracking on Heroku that syncs back to Salesforce. It is built on an evolution of the MEAN stack that we are calling the PLAN stack: PostgreSQL, Loopback, Angular 2, and Node.js.


Deploy to Salesforce     Deploy to Heroku     Download Heroku Connect Config

  1. Install the TimeTracker unmanaged package to your Salesforce org.
    Step-by-step Salesforce instructions

  2. Deploy a copy of the app to Heroku.
    Step-by-step Heroku instructions

  3. Connect the Heroku Connect add-on to your Salesforce org, and import the configuration json.
    Step-by-step Heroku Connect instructions

  4. Restart your Heroku App dynos.
    Step-by-step Heroku Dyno Restart instructions

  5. Follow the user setup instructions to create a user and delete the default user.