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Unlimited Filter Bot

TroJanz TroJanz
MIT license Open Source

An advanced Filter Bot with nearly unlimitted filters!


  • Nearly unlimited filters
  • Supports all type of filters(Including Alert Button Filter).
  • Can save button filters directly (Rose Bot Feature)
  • Supports multiple PM connections
  • And all other features of a Filter Bot :D

Deploy the bot and start adding your filters :)

How to use the bot

  • Add bot to your group with admin rights.

  • Add your filters :)

Bot Commands

(You need to be an admin or Auth User in order to use these commands)

Filter Commands

  • /add <filtername> <filtercontent> - To add your filter. You can also reply to your content with /add command.

  • /del <filtername> - Delete your filter.

  • /delall - Delete all filters from group. (Group Owner Only!)

  • /viewfilters - List all filters in chat.

Connection Commands

  • /connect groupid - Connects your group to PM. You can also simply use, /connect in groups.

  • /connections - Manage your connections. (only in PM)


  • /status - Shows current status of your bot (Auth User Only)

  • /id - Shows ID information

  • /info <userid> - Shows User Information. Also use /info as reply to some message for their details!

You can check the video tutorial on how to deploy

Click here to see tutorial video

Thanks to InfotelGroup and Erich Daniken for the video

Any bugs or errors or suggestions, report at TroJanzSupport


Deploy to Heroku


Deploy in your vps

git clone https://github.com/TroJanzHEX/Unlimited-Filter-Bot
cd Unlimited-Filter-Bot
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
# <Create config.py appropriately>
python3 bot.py


  • TG_BOT_TOKEN - Get bot token from @BotFather

  • API_ID - From my.telegram.org (or @UseTGXBot)

  • API_HASH - From my.telegram.org (or @UseTGXBot)

  • AUTH_USERS - ID of users that can use the bot commands. Get from MissRose Bot by using /id command

  • DATABASE_URI - Mongo Database URL from https://cloud.mongodb.com/

  • DATABASE_NAME - Your database name from mongoDB. Default will be 'Cluster0'

  • SAVE_USER - Give yes or no . Usefull for getting userinfo and total user counts. May reduce filter capacity :( .

  • HEROKU_API_KEY - To check dyno status. Go to https://dashboard.heroku.com/account , scroll down and press Reveal API

Optional - To set alternate Bot Commmands!

( Add required field as heroku var and give desired command as value. You can edit it in sample_config.py also!)

  • ADD_FILTER_CMD - default will be 'add'

  • DELETE_FILTER_CMD - default will be 'del'

  • DELETE_ALL_CMD - default will be 'delall'

  • CONNECT_COMMAND - default will be 'connect'

  • DISCONNECT_COMMAND - default will be 'disconnect'

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