NightscoutShareServer PHP

by reelman


NightscoutShareServerPHP - EXPERIMENTAL

Simple Nightscout Share Server for PHP inspired by @dabear and his project.

It allows you to pull blood glucose level from your nightscout server into the Loop app.


  1. Get the app on server:

    a) Hit Deploy and fill domain for your nightscout server.

    b) OR copy files on your server with PHP support and edit set $_ENV['NIGHTSCOUT_SERVER_NAME'] in ShareWebServices/Services/Publisher/ReadPublisherLatestGlucoseValues/index.php

  2. Got you to see if you have 3 latest BG data.

  3. Open Loop and set NS Share server as

After that, your Loop should use Nghtscout data as CGMS source.

So far it was tested on Nightscout with Blucon, MiaoMiao and Tomato source.