iTC Api

by RishabhTayal



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Backend API project for ReviewMonitor iOS app.




Make sure you have bundler installed. Otherwise install it with following command gem install bundler Ruby 2.4.0 +


Clone the repo git clone To install all dependencies run bundle install If this is done run: ruby server.rb

That's all, to stop press Ctrl + C

Update to a new version

From time to time there will be updates to itc-api. There are 2 ways to update your Heroku application:

Recommended: Using the terminal

  • Install the Heroku toolbelt and heroku login
  • Clone your application using heroku git:clone --app [heroku_app_name] (it will be an empty repo)
  • cd [heroku_app_name]
  • git pull
  • git push

Using Heroku website


  • RVM used your Gemfile for selecting Ruby... -> This is only a warning skip it or run rvm rvmrc warning ignore allGemfiles

  • Error on run: undefined...

    :... -> Run bundle install and check if there are no errors

Contributing to the app

Want to see something implemented in the app? We are always looking for some contributors who can help with some more features. Create an issue or PR if you are interested. Want to get involved in discussions? Join our Slack channel