AI Chatbots

by riyamalin


Demo: A Simple Voice AI Bot with Web Speech API and Node.js

This demo uses the experimental Web Speech API, which is currently only supported by Blink-based browsers including Chrome 25+, Opera 27+, Samsung Internet, QQ Browser, and Baidu Browser.

View the demo on Vimeo

View the demo on Vimeo

This is how this web app works:

  1. Using the Web Speech API’s SpeechRecognition interface to listen your voice from a microphone
  2. Send your message to (the natural language processing platform) as a text string
  3. Once the AI from the returns the reply text back, use the SpeechSynthesis interface to give it a synthetic voice.

Try It on Your Own Server

Rename the .env_test to .env and fill the env vars:


The first one is an API key (Please get one by sign up with, and the second one is a session ID, which is an arbitraryf string.

Or use this Heroku button to deploy to Heroku server. You just need to fill out the env vars with the API key and a session ID. No need to create an .env file.


"# chatbot"