Telegram Bot

by rjmunhoz

GitHub telegram chatbot

This project uses code from carbon-now-cli. Go give it a star! Also, give a star for their awesome work


Just hit it on Telegram. It'll tell you what to do

What is it

Telegram chatbot created to generate nice code images using puppeteer on

Everytime it gets a block or line of pre-formatted code (surrounded by one or three backticks), it generates an image with default settings (for now) on, an uses puppeteer to grab a screenshot of that page.

Configuration options and other features are coming soon. PRs are very welcome.

How to run it

The first thing you'll need is an authorization token to communicate with Telegram's bot API. You can get it from BotFather. Then, choose one of the methods below and follow the instructions.


  • Clone this repo and cd into it
  • Run npm install
  • Run npm run build
  • Set all environment variables described in the sample envs file
  • Run npm start

Using Docker

  • Clone this repo and cd into it
  • Run docker build . -t IMAGE_TAG replacing IMAGE_TAG with the desired local tag for this image
  • Run docker run command mapping the environment variables

On Heroku

Just click the button below, set the envs and that's it.



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