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It is a server that serves a page that changes color when a new color is sent in a request to a POST /color endpoint.

Deploy to Heroku

Click this button to deploy this app to Heroku:

Deploy to Heroku


Clone the git repo:

git clone

or download the ZIP file:

Inside the project directory install dependencies:

npm i


Start the server:

npm start

And access the URL shown in the browser. By default it's:

but you can start the server listening on a differet port:

PORT=4444 npm start

Changing color

Send color=HTMLCOLOR in the body with Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded to POST /color endpoint:

curl -X POST -d color=#2ecc71 http://localhost:3338/color

curl -X POST -d color=#639 http://localhost:3338/color

curl -X POST -d color=black http://localhost:3338/color

Or using a GET /color/:color endpoint for convenience:

curl -X http://localhost:3338/color/+2ecc71

curl -X http://localhost:3338/color/+639

curl -X http://localhost:3338/color/black

Note the + instead of #.


For any bug reports or feature requests please post an issue on GitHub.


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MIT License (Expat). See for details.