by s-schumann


TADHack 2019 Berlin

Instructions how to set up Node-RED based backend for the TADHack in Berlin.

Contains flow contributions from @barinali.

1. Have Node-RED available

In our case we deployed it to Heroku:

Deploy to Heroku

2. Set up logging

  • We are using mongodb3 for logging
  • Add mlab MongoDB to Heroku and install the mongodb3 module into the Node-RED palette

3. Set the relevant env vars

  • APIDAZE_DID: DID configured at APIdaze that links to the /apidazecall URL on Node-RED
  • APIDAZE_KEY: Key for the Apidaze app
  • APIDAZE_SECRET: Secret for the Apidaze app
  • APP_NAME: set automatically on initialization
  • MONGODB_URI: set automatically when adding mLab
  • NPM_CONFIG_PRODUCTION: set automatically on initialization
  • SIMWOOD_CID: Customer ID you receive from Simwood via E-mail
  • SIMWOOD_KEY: API Key you receive from Simwood via E-mail
  • SIMWOOD_SECRET: Secret you receive from Simwood via E-mail

4. Import the flows


Copyright (c) 2019 Sebastian Schumann


The software is licensed under the MIT LICENSE