Auto Filter Bot

by Sahanhishara500


Auto Filter Bot V2

TroJanz TroJanz
MIT license Open Source

You can call this as an Auto Filter Bot if you like :D

This is Version 2 of Auto Filter Bot

Bot simply search for the files from provided channel according to given query and gives link to those files as buttons!

How to use the bot

  • Add bot to your group with admin rights.

  • Add bot to all channels which you want to link with all admin rights!

Bot Commands - Works in Group only

(You need to be a Auth User in order to use these commands)

  • /add channelid - Links channel to your group. or
  • /add @channelusername - Links channel to your group.

NOTE : You can get your channel ID from @ChannelidHEXbot

  • /del channelid - Delinks channel from group or
  • /del @channelusername - Delinks channel from group

NOTE : You can get connected channel details by /filterstats

  • /delall - Removes all connected channels and filters from group!

  • /filterstats - Check connected channels and number of filters.

You can check the video tutorial on how to deploy

Click here to see tutorial video

Thanks to InfotelGroup and Erich Daniken for the video

Any bugs or errors or suggestions, report at TroJanzSupport


Deploy to Heroku


Deploy in your vps

git clone
cd Auto-Filter-Bot-V2
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
# <Create appropriately>


  • TG_BOT_TOKEN - Get bot token from @BotFather

  • APP_ID - From (or @UseTGXBot)

  • API_HASH - From (or @UseTGXBot)

  • TG_USER_SESSION - A pyrogram user session string. Generate by clicking here

  • AUTH_USERS - ID of users that can use the bot commands. Get from MissRose Bot by using /id command

  • DATABASE_URI - Mongo Database URL from

  • DATABASE_NAME - Your database name from mongoDB. Default will be 'Cluster0'

  • DOC_SEARCH - Should bot search for document files ( Give 'yes' or 'no' )

  • VID_SEARCH - Should bot search for video files ( Give 'yes' or 'no' )

  • MUSIC_SEARCH - Should bot search for music files ( Give 'yes' or 'no' )



And as always, SpEcHlDe