Monzo Coffee

by samdobson


💳 Monzo Coffee ☕

This app is no longer being maintained. See: for details

Bulk tag historical transactions using your own custom rules.

Group your #coffee spending and make it searchable/filterable in the Monzo app.

Powered by monzo-python.

Monzo Coffee Interface

💻 One-click deployment


You will be prompted for a Monzo Access Token which can be obtained via the Monzo Developer Portal

Check the configuration variables for your password.

Step-by-step instructions can be found in the quickstart guide.

🔧 Development

You will need to have installed:

$ git clone
$ cd monzo-coffee

$ pipenv install

$ python migrate
$ python collectstatic

$ heroku local

Your app is now accessible on localhost:5000.

To deploy to Heroku:

$ heroku create
$ git push heroku master
$ heroku run python migrate
$ heroku open

🔒 Security

Monzo Coffee aims to be secure by default. It uses SSL throughout and is password-protected out of the box.

The Monzo API does not allow movement of money (other than into/out of pots). Access tokens expire after 4 hours.

You should not allow other people to use your app. Point them to this repo and have them deploy their own instance.

Please do not open a GitHub issue for security-related matters - use this contact form to contact the author.

📗 Documentation

For more information, please consult the documentation.

Support is provided on a best-efforts basis.