API.AI Bibles.org webhook

by samuelstevens9

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Api.ai - Bibles.rg API in Python

This is a really simple webhook implementation that gets Api.ai classification JSON (i.e. a JSON output of Api.ai /query endpoint) and returns a fulfillment response.

More info about Api.ai webhooks could be found here: Api.ai Webhook

Deploy to:

Deploy to Heroku

What does the service do?

Read the specified Bible passage Bibles.org API.

The service packs the result in the Api.ai webhook-compatible response JSON and returns it to Api.ai.

English Versions

  • eng-AMP Amplified Bible
  • eng-CEV Contemporary English Version (US Version)
  • eng-CEVD Contemporary English Version (US Version)
  • eng-CEVUK Contemporary English Version (Anglicised Version)
  • eng-ESV English Standard Version
  • eng-GNBDC Good News Bible (Anglicised)
  • eng-GNTD Good News Translation (US Version)
  • eng-KJV King James Version
  • eng-KJVA King James Version with Apocrypha, American Edition
  • eng-MSG The Message
  • eng-NASB New American Standard Bible