by saniales


A simple but powerful Agar.IO clone built with socket.IO and HTML5 canvas on top of NodeJS, with the purpose to show LIX potential.


Game Basics

  • Move your mouse around the screen to move your cell.
  • Eat food and other players in order to grow your character (food respawns every time a player eats it).
  • A player's mass is the number of food particles eaten.
  • Objective: Try to get as big as possible and eat other players.

Gameplay Rules

  • Players who haven't eaten yet cannot be eaten as a sort of "grace" period. This invincibility fades once they gain mass.
  • Everytime a player joins the game, 3 food particles will spawn.
  • Everytime a food particle is eaten by a player, 1 new food particle will respawn.
  • The more food you eat, the slower you move to make the game fairer for all.

Latest Changes

  • Game is brand new :)


You can simply click one of the buttons below to easily deploy this repo to Bluemix or Heroku:

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To run / install this game, you'll need:

  • NodeJS with NPM installed.
  • socket.IO.
  • Express.

Downloading the dependencies

After cloning the source code from Github, you need to run the following command to download all the dependencies (socket.IO, express, etc.):

npm install

Running the Server

After downloading all the dependencies, you can run the server with the following command:

npm start

The game will then be accessible at http://localhost:3000 or the respective server installed on. The default port is 3000, however this can be changed in config.

Running the Server with Docker

If you have Docker installed, after cloning the repository you can run the following commands to start the server and make it acessible at http://localhost:3000:

docker build -t lixgar_io .
docker run -it -p 3000:3000 lixgar_io


  1. What is this game?

This is a clone of the game Agar.IO powered by the LIX Platform. Someone said that Agar.IO is a clone of an iPad game called Osmos, but we haven't tried it yet. (Cloneception? :P)

  1. Any plans on adding an online server to compete with Agar.IO or making money out of it?

No. This game belongs to the open-source community, and we have no plans on making money out of it nor competing with anything. But you can of course create your own public server, let us know if you do so and we can add it to our Live Demos list!

  1. Can I deploy this game to my own server? Sure you can! That's what it's made for! ;) The true power of this game will be unleashed soon :) stay tuned. When it will happen, be ready to upgrade your deployed server to the latest version :)

  2. I don't like HTML5 canvas. Can I write my own game client with this server?

Of course! As long as your client supports WebSockets, you can write your game client in any language/technology, even with Unity3D if you want (there is an open source library for Unity to communicate with WebSockets)!

  1. Can I use some code of this project on my own?

Yes you can.


You can check out the full license here.

This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.