Dialogflow weather bot

by satheshrgs

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Weather Bot using OWM deployed in dialogflow

Dialogflow Webhook weather implementation in Python

This service takes geo-city as a param from Dialogflow JSON request and find the weather for the provided city using Open Weather Map and returns a webhook response

More info about Dialogflow webhooks could be found here: Dialogflow Webhook

Deploy to Heroku:

Deploy to Heroku

How to use?

  • Create a new agent in Dialogflow
  • Provide your fulfillment info. Deploy using heroku or provide your own. (https//www.example.com/webhook)
  • Provide API key of OWM as OWMApiKey with value in Config Vars of heroku (or) use your key directly in the file.
  • Create the intent (like weather in singapore [$geo-city] ) and enable webhook fulfillment in the intent
  • Test in your console


weather in Avinashi

Today the weather in Avinashi:
Temperature in Celsius:
Max temp :29.0.
Min Temp :29.0.
Temperature in Fahrenheit:
Max temp :84.2.
Min Temp :84.2.
Humidity :54.
Wind Speed :2.6
Latitude :11.19.
Longitude :77.27