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MakeStack is a software stack for connected devices for super-rapid prototyping that includes:

  • Focus on Developer Experience: Easy-to-use Node.js API.
  • Batteries-included: Remote app/os update, remote config management, sending command to device, etc.
  • Integrations: Incoming/Outgoing Webhook, IFTTT, Slack, and Datadog.
  • A minimalized Linux: smaller than 32MB including the root file system!
  • Desktop app: An Electron-based desktop app.
  • Full-featured Backend: A Rails and Vue.js based server backend.
  • CLI SDK: A Node.js SDK with CLI frontend to manage apps & devices.
  • Node-RED device side programming: Enjoy physical computing without coding!
  • Plugins: Of course we have!
  • Free from vendor lock-in: Fully open sourced :)

Sample Code

// Load APIs (
const { Timer, Config, publish } = require('makestack')

// Plugins.
const AQM0802A = require('@makestack/aqm0802a')
const HDC1000 = require('@makestack/hdc1000')

// Initialize device drivers.
const display = new AQM0802A()
const sensor = new HDC1000()

Config.onChange('messages', msg => {
  // print() sends a log message to the server.
  print(`Updating the display message to ${msg}.`)

  // Update the display.

// Send temperature and humidity sensed by HDC1000.
Timer.interval(5, () => {
  publish('t', sensor.readTemperature())
  publish('h', sensor.readHumidity())

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