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3d.io Floor Plan App

Live demo: https://spaces.archilogic.com/order

  • Converts floor plans into basic 3d models using 3d.io APIs.
  • Stores conversion related info in your database.
  • Sends email notification to your cutomer when 3d model is ready.


1. Deploy app to heroku by clicking this button:


2. Setup services:

3. Set environment variables

Name Notes PUBLIC_SERVER_URL The URL where your server is publicly accessible. To obtain a public URL for local development use ngrok.com.
Example: https://my-project.herokuapp.com/ EMAIL_FROM Emails to your customers will have this email address in the "from" field.
Example: floor-plan@your-domain.com EMAIL_ADMIN Email of the administrator responsible for this server. Error notifications will be send here.
Example: admin@your-domain.com IO3D_SECRET_API_KEY Example: 51ebcf63-d5d... SENDGRID_API_KEY Example: SG.wBcemOAdRZ-yC-ZwzVhS... FIREBASE_PRIVATE_KEY Example: -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----\nMIIIBADA... FIREBASE_CLIENT_EMAIL Example: xyz@project-id.iam.gserviceaccount.com FIREBASE_DATABASE_URL Example: https://your-project-id.firebaseio.com

4. Optional: Modify email messages to your customers in: