Sharetribe Flex Template Demo

by sktoiva


Deploy to Heroku!!!


Sharetribe Flex Template for Web


This is a template web application for a Sharetribe Flex marketplace ready to be extended and customized. It is based on an application bootstrapped with create-react-app with some additions, namely server side rendering and a custom CSS setup.

Quick start

If you just want to get the app running quickly to test it out, first install Node.js and Yarn, and follow along:

git clone      # clone this repository
cd flex-template-web/                                          # change to the cloned directory
cp .env-template .env                                          # copy the env template file to add your local config
emacs .env                                                     # in your favorite editor, add the mandatory env vars to the config
yarn install                                                   # install dependencies
yarn run dev                                                   # start the dev server, this will open a browser in localhost:3000

See the Environment configuration variables documentation for more information of the required configuration variables.

Note: If you want to build your own Flex marketplace on top of the template, you should fork the repository instead of cloning it. See the Customization guide.

Getting started with your own customization

If you want to build your own Flex marketplace by customizing the template application, see the Customization guide documentation.


Full documentation can be found in the docs directory.


This project is licensed under the terms of the Apache-2.0 license.