by Smallkan



Name    : ffmpeg web gui
Author  : Greg Colley
Created : 03/12/2011
Update  : 17/10/2014
Version : 0.2 beta

This is a PHP script for FFmpeg which allows you to upload a video and convert it into html5 (mp4 h264, webm, ogv). Using a simple graphical user interface (GUI) you are also able to fine tune the ffmpeg command and optimise the these following options:-

  • Video size
  • Video bit rate
  • Frame rate
  • De interlacing
  • Enable Audio
  • Audio sampling rate
  • Audio bit rate
  • Amount of channels (Stereo or Mono)
  • And other features to come!

The script also generates 5 stills from the video allowing you to use these as placement holders. The ffmpeg web GUI script also generates the html for the html5 player, with flash fall-back. HTML5 video is fully supported in iPads and latest web browsers.

To get a copy of this code you need to pull the git repository you can doe this via the following command.

  git clone

To update your copy run the following command in the ffmpeg-web-gui directory.

  git pull

Comments and suggestion on the code, and future feature requests are welcome.