Kleidi Dashboard

by SneakerCop

GitHub Readme.md


User dashboard for Kleidi group users (Stripe)


Setting up Enviromental Variables for Production

Setting up the dashboard is a fairly easy process and will require you to collect very specific values to make everything work together.

Name Value / Description MONGODB_URI The existing MongoDB URI that you're currently using for your keybot server. SESSION_SECRET Random String Value (Can generate one here: https://www.guidgenerator.com) DISCORD_CLIENT_ID Existing Discord Developers Client ID that is being used for your keybot server. DISCORD_CLIENT_SECRET Existing Discord Developers Client Secret that is being used for your keybot server. DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN Existing Discord Developers Bot Token that is being used for your keybot server. DISCORD_CALLBACK Callback URL that must be set as an OAuth Redirect on the Discord Developers Site. Example: http://mydomain.com/auth/discord/callback STRIPE_PUBLIC_KEY Existing Stripe Public Key being used on your keybot server. STRIPE_PRIVATE_KEY Existing Stripe Private Key being used on your keybot server. GUILD_ID ID pertaining to your Discord Group. Can be found here, if your Discord is in Developers Mode: https://i.imgur.com/AqATMum.png

Discord OAuth Redirect

Log into the Discord Developers Website and click on your desired application. To the left, you'll see a section called "OAuth2". Add and save a redirect URL named https://<YOUR DOMAIN HERE>/auth/discord/callback and be sure to click Save Changes

Stripe Webhooks

When logged into your Stripe account, going under Developers > Webhooks click the Add Endpoint button and set the value as https://yourdomain.com/webhooks/stripe and then click Add Endpoint when you're done.