SG Tournament Server

by socialgorithm


Tournament Server

Game-agnostic tournament server


Clone the repo locally and run yarn. Once dependencies are installed you can run:

$ yarn start:dev

This will run the typescript compiler and start the server, restarting the server whenever a file changes.


You can directly deploy the server to Heroku for a quick start:

Deploy to Heroku

When deploying, choose any available App Name (or let Heroku decide for you), and click on Deploy. Once it's finished browse to https://{app-name} and you should see the server welcome message.

If you open our web client, you can then connect it to the server by clicking on "Connect" and entering https://{app-name} as the server host.

Run locally

Install using npm/yarn:

$ npm install @socialgorithm/tournament-server

Then you can execute by running tournament-server:

$ tournament-server -h
tournament-server v1.0.0

  Socialgorithm Tournament Server


  --verbose         The input to process.
  -v, --version     Display the server version
  -p, --port 3141   Port on which the server should be started (defaults to 3141)
  -h, --help        Print this guide


  $ tournament-server --games 100
  $ tournament-server --port 5000
  $ tournament-server --help