by softban



nodkp, is a Discord bot aimed at the management of DKP. It allows the allocation of DKP to players & allows bidding for items through Discord and can handle multiple raid groups, separated by text channels.



Deploy Step One navigate to the Resources tab. Set web dyno to off, worker dyno to on, and add the MongoDB to add-ons. Configure-Dyno Step Two navigate to the Settings tab. After pressing Reveal Config Vars, you should see your MONGODB_URI. Add your DISCORD_TOKEN to Config Vars. Configure-Variables Step Three in the upper-right corner, the More dropdown will allow you to restart your worker dyno Restart-Dyno Step Four If you have issues, you can troubleshoot through View logs. Once finished, add a role to your server named Raid Leader, anyone leading a raid will need this to access the bots internal leader commands. Note that the role does not need any special permissions. Finally create a text channel with the name of your raid group and run @bot init in your new channel!