by SophieDeBenedetto


Chatty: The Rails 5 + Action Cable Example App

This is a really simple chatting app to demonstrate one implementation of Action Cable in a Rails 5 app. Users can sign up/log in with a username and create a chatroom or choose from an existing one to start real-time messaging.

For a walk-through of this application, and to learn more about Action Cable (it's awesome, btw), you can check out my article on the Heroku blog. You can view my deployment of this application here, or you can use the button below to deploy your own version (you'll need a Heroku account for that).


To view an implementation of this project that uses multipe subscriptions to multiple chatrooms, check out this repo

Running Locally

You'll need:

  • Ruby 2.3.0
  • Postgres
  • Redis

Then, once you clone down this repo:

  • bundle install
  • rake db:create; rake db:migrate

And you're all set.