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Speckle Server

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This is the Speckle Server, which coordinates communications between the various bits of the Speckle ecosystem.


API docs are here - they are a good overview of what you can do.


The Speckle Server is a nodejs (v.8+, latest stable preffered) app.

  • Dependencies: mongodb and redis.
  • Clone this repo git clone https://github.com/speckleworks/SpeckleServer.git
  • Configuration: create a .env using .env-base as a template, and fill in the required information.
  • Run npm install and thereafter npm run.

⚠️ Warning: if these instructions seem confusing and you want to use speckle in production, please consult someone with more experience! Incorrect configuration can have security and reliability implications.

 Community supported instructions by on how to set up a development server (thanks @arendvw!) can be found in this discourse thread. Feel free to contribute your own experiences there, or ask questions.

🍰 If you just want to try out speckle, at your own risk, you can use https://hestia.speckle.works/api.

Note: hestia is hosted on Digital Ocean. If you want to signup to digital ocean and support the running costs of speckle, use the following affiliate link to get $100 in credit.

To install a front-end plugin, such as the admin ui, clone the respective repo in the plugins folder of the server.

Deploy to Heroku


Note: this doesn't include any front-end plugins, so you'll need to interact with a Heroku-hosted server via another front-end, such as https://app.speckle.systems.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with the rest of the world-wide specklers via: