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The Genious L, now in slack to answer all your Queries! 😎 img


from any slack channel just type thel [your question]. The Question will be shown on the same channel visible to you.

Integrate it with your team

**As the Wolframalpha API allows only 2000 API calls in a month. This can not be used directly. **

I wrote a tutorial on How to create this bot. Read here

  1. Go to your channel
  2. Click on Configure Integrations.
  3. Scroll all the way down to DIY Integrations & Customizations section.
  4. Click on Add next to Slash Commands.
    • Command: thel
    • URL:
    • method: POST
    • For the Autocomplete help text, check to show the command in autocomplete list.
    • Description: The Genius L, is now in slack to answer all your queries.
    • Usage Hint: [search query]
  • Descriptiive Level: Search Query



You will need to set the wol_id environment variable in file in your heroku app in order for this to work. You can read more about it clicking here


  • Please use the issue tracker to report any bugs or file feature requests.


MIT LICENSE (c) Vikesh Tiwari