Github Contribution Challenge

by strifel


Github Year Commits / Github Contribution Challenge


Robmroi and I asked ourselves who is more active on github since the beginning of the year.
Because counting was needed when looking onto the github profile I made this to automatically count.

Since then (a year ago) this evolved a bit, and is now in a usable state and could be used for Contribution Overviews/Challenges. A use case I can think of is at a Hackathon where you want to create (something like) a leaderboard.

This project is still being worked on:


  • let the people edit their profile pages
  • More types of challenges (not only year/eternity). Enter a specific start/end date.
  • Make everything more beautiful (Please help! :))


Heroku Way:


Docker way:

docker run --name gyc -p 8000:80 -d strifel/githubyearcommits
Please change the admin password afterwards. Standard Password is admin

Manual way:

  1. clone the repo
  2. run python3 and enter a (new) password when prompted. (WARING: Do not use any standard password.)
  3. Configure your web server (e.g. Apache WGSI, gunicorn) to use (Or run (not recommended)). (ApacheWGSI Config)
  4. Navigate your web browser to the page /login.
  5. Enter admin as username and your new password and setup names of github account(/participants) (Important. only public contributions are count unless you show private contributions on your github account page)
  6. Go to the main page (remove /admin in the address bar)
  7. Go back to /admin and play with the settings (User permissions informations).


Recommended only on releases!

  1. Stop your web server.
  2. Pull the repo (git pull)
  3. Execute database script (python3
  4. Start your web server.
  5. Check out new settings/functions.


  • You can force reload by going to /force path(can be disabled)
  • Admin can force reload even if disabled
  • You can click on count and hover over another to see percentage.
  • You can change path to sqlite database by changing GYC_DATABASE environmental variable


On 26th Juli 2018 this is on MIT License.

Special Thanks go out to

  • robmroi for the idea, the design and the darkmode
  • sallar for giving an api for contributions
  • All the people who build a library (I use).
  • Stack Overflow Community (of course).