by Suesanz

GitHub Readme.md

Web-chat (https://web-chatting.herokuapp.com)

A Web app designed using Web sockets in node.js.

Just open the browser...Add the url.. Login... Start chatting...

The message you send will go along with your login username , time , date...

If multiple people are using it then you can send private messages also by just using "@" and then typing name of the user. This will send message to that user only. Sounds nice na!!

Deploy to Heroku


For development purpose


1.Any javascript IDE supporting node js(recommended: Webstorm by Jetbrains).

2.We will be needing Web Sockets npm package for this but it will be installed from dependecies so no need to worry about this.


Step 1: Run command npm install

Step 2: Run command
node server.js and open the respective port mentioned in your console.


Step 1: Open browser and put down the localhost along with the port mentioned in console.

Step 2: Open another window and put the same localhost as that of previous window.

Step 3: Now just login and start sending messages.