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Draftraptor is a raptor that takes care of auctioning off items in fantasy auctions

Lazy man's deploy to cloud


Click to deploy to heroku. It will work fine on the free tier. In fact it's not really made to work with more than one process. But you don't need to worry about it if you use the free tier.

Advanced user's guide


  • node (> v6 preferred)


  • A database (by default sqlite will be used)


  • npm install (include --dev for development dependencies)
  • In case current version doesn't get automatically built: npm run build
  • Install database driver you want to use (check knex documentation)
  • Configure by creating config/local.json and setting values to what you wish.
  • Migrate database with npm run migrate
  • Run server with npm start

Development mode:

  • Run npm run dev (or if gulp is installed globally just gulp)