by tarmo888

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Use Heroku Button or Bash commands for deploying.

Deploy via Heroku Button


Deploy via Bash command line

Create app folder and create-project.

mkdir new-app-folder
cd new-app-folder
composer create-project --stability dev --no-interaction tarmo888/wordpress-heroku-composer .

Alternatively (if composer create-project didn't work), you can use git clone too make shallow copy

git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/tarmo888/wordpress-heroku-composer.git . && rm -rf .git

Login to Heroku and create new app (make sure to git init first).

git init
heroku login
heroku apps:create new-app-name --buildpack heroku/php --region eu

Add the following add-ons.

heroku addons:add jawsdb-maria:kitefin
heroku addons:add heroku-redis:hobby-dev
heroku addons:add sendgrid:starter
heroku addons:add papertrail:choklad
heroku addons:add scheduler:standard

Set your AWS credentials.

heroku config:set AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=
heroku config:set AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=

Disable WP Cron to call it from Scheduler instead? (0 or 1). If you set DISABLE_WP_CRON=1 then add this to Heroku Scheduler for every 10 minutes: "php /app/cms/wp-cron.php"

heroku config:set DISABLE_WP_CRON=0

Force login and admin to HTTPS? (0 or 1)

heroku config:set FORCE_SSL=0

Visit Wordpress hash generator and set following values https://api.wordpress.org/secret-key/1.1/salt/

heroku config:set AUTH_KEY=
heroku config:set SECURE_AUTH_KEY=
heroku config:set LOGGED_IN_KEY=
heroku config:set NONCE_KEY=
heroku config:set AUTH_SALT=
heroku config:set SECURE_AUTH_SALT=
heroku config:set LOGGED_IN_SALT=
heroku config:set NONCE_SALT=

Deploy your app to Heroku.

git add .
git commit -am "init"
git push heroku master