by tasoskakour




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This is a service that provides web applications the ability to authenticate their users not only with username-password by also with their behavior. Specifically, it uses keystroke patterns (keystroke dynamics) to authenticate users and in this way can detect anomalies to typing behaviora detecting possible impostors.

Procedure of service

  • You create a project submitting your domain-name of your website
  • You copy the snippet created and inject it to your index.html of your website
  • You train your project in order for the system to create keystroke profiles for each user
  • From the dashboard you can set other preferences (like authentication threshold, limits, view stats etc)
  • Checkout continuous-authentication-website repository to see this service in action

Create a project

Train a project

Technologies used

  • MEAN Stack: MongoDB, Express, Angular (4) and Nodejs used for web application. Specifically, MEN is used for handling back-end logic and the service and the Angular is used to provide a front-end dashboard for admin.
  • Python is used for machine learning (One-Class SVM and GMM) to utilize the continuous authentication mechanism

Running steps

  • npm install
  • npm start

Run ng serve for a angular dev server. Navigate to http://localhost:4200/. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.

Environment Variables

  • KEYSTROKE_DYNAMICS_MLAB_HOST: Host url for mlab database
  • KEYSTROKE_DYNAMICS_TOKEN_SECRET: Secret for generating jwt tokens

Running on Heroku

The project is ready to be deployed to a Heroku dyno (as a node & python app). Just press the button above or run heroku create and push the code to your heroku server.