by Tdssaini

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LWC Open Source with Heroku

Lightning Web Component Open Source with Nodejs project.

Deploy project on Heroku

  1. Deploy project using button Deploy
  2. While deploying, enter org credentials to connect your developer org.

Setup in Salesforce

  1. Create a custom sObject 'Sessions' with API name 'Session__c'

  2. Add below fields to Sessions sObject :

    1. Name - Text
    2. Room (Room__c) - Picklist of Rooms
    3. Description (Description__c) - Text Area
    4. Date and Time (Date_and_Time__c) - Date Time
  3. Create a custom sObject 'Session Speaker' with API name 'Session_Speaker__c'

  4. Add below fields to Session Speaker sObject :

    1. Name - Auto Gen
    2. Speaker (Speaker__c) - Lookup to Contact sObject
    3. Session (Session__c) - Lookup to Session sObject
  5. Create records in Sessions object and related Session Speaker object.