Simple ExpressJS Handlebars

by teamwethrift



A minimal, web server boilerplate in NodeJS using ExpressJS and express-handlebars.

  • Serve static files from /public
  • Use vanilla CSS public/styles/styles.css
  • Simple .handlebars templates and partials from /views and /views/partials
  • Create custom helpers in helpers.js

No build required

  1. Install Node/NPM
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Install packages - npm install
  4. Start the server - npm start

When running locally, the server will start on http://localhost:3000/

Example deployments

We've used this boilerplate as the starting point for components of Wethrift and

Deploy to Heroku


Deploy simple-express-handlebars-boilerplate to Heroku with one click from the Heroku Elements Marketplace.

Alternatively, install the Heroku CLI, clone this repo and create a new app.

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