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Trello Done

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Mark Trello cards as done on IFTTT webhook hit.


If you have the CF CLI installed, you can deploy to a Cloud Foundry (e.g. PWS) with a cf push. Alternatively, click the button below to deploy to Heroku:


Note that the App name on Heroku is part of <your service URL>, so you should make it hard to guess (not just trello-done!) For example, you can use a site like to generate a random hash and include that in the name, e.g. trello-done-0123456789abcdef.


Requires the following two environment variables:


The other part of the equation is configuring If This Then That to hit the webhook when a card is moved to a specific list in a Trello board. You will need to set up the Trello connection in IFTTT, then head to create to create your new service. Fill in the following trigger ("This") and action ("That").

This - Trello: Card added to list

Field Value Which board? Select the board List name Type the name of the list

That - Webhooks: Make a web request

Field Value URL <your service URL>/done Method POST Content Type application/json Body {"card": "{{CardURL}}"}


Exposes a single endpoint, /done, which expects a POST request with a JSON body containing a single key, "card", whose value is a Trello card URL. For example, using curl:

curl \
    '<your service URL>/done' \
    -X POST \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -d '{"card": "<your card ID>"}'