FileHeroBot - Telegram Bot 🤖

by tgurlbot



FileHeroBot - Telegram Bot 🤖

This is telegram Bot based on the pyrogram Library which is used to Convert to Video & download file from url.


1. Simple Method

STEP 1: Press 👉🏻 Deploy
STEP 2: get You App credentials from
STEP 3: put variable value in the heroku env. variables.
STEP 4: "Turn On" Dyno form Resources .
STEP 5: Boom!.... your done!\

2. Legacy Way

Simply clone the repository and run the main file:


git clone
cd fileherobot
virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

STEP 2: Get You App credentials from
STEP 3: Put your API ID & API HASH in file.
STEP 4: Paste Your Bot Token In
STEP 5: "Turn On" Dyno form Resources .
STEP 6: Boom your Done...

How to get your API ID & API HASH from 👇

STEP 1: Login with Your number in international format
STEP 2: Create App & copy API ID & API Hash of your app.
STEP 3: Go to Bot Father in telegram  and create a bot 
STEP 4: Generate Bot token and copy to file.

Variable Explanations ---> these are Mandatory Variables

  • TG_BOT_TOKEN: Telegram bot token , get from Botfather
  • API_ID: APP API_ID get this from
  • API_HASH: APP API_HASH get this from