MS Email

by thiagodnf


A microservice in Node.js for email management


An example of email sent by using this tool:

Locales Supported

Right now 2 locales are supported.

Language Code Language Name en-US English (US) pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil)

Available Templates

This project supports the following email templates:

Name Description Screenshot confirm-email Send it when the users sign up in your app Click here user-activated Send it when the users activate their accounts Click here

How to use

Once the app is working, you can send request for the following API

Deploy on Heroku

Click the button below to deploy this project on Heroku


With the "Deploy to Heroku" button, you can easily deploy MS Email to Heroku from your web browser by following the steps below.

Heroku configuration

  1. Click the Deploy to Heroku button to go to the Heroku Dashboard to configure and deploy the app.
  2. Enter a Heroku app name (optional).
  3. Enter the following Heroku config variables.
    • DATABASE_URL: The URL to your database
    • API_TOKEN: The token used for accessing the API and send request. By default, it is auto-generated but you can change it after.
  4. Click the Deploy button. Heroku then deploys this repository to a new Heroku app on your account.