EZTV RSS Generator

by thomasgroch

GitHub Readme.md

EZTV RSS Generator

This project scrappes the eztv.it page of a specified show and generates a RSS torrent feed that can be readed by uTorrent for automatize the download of TV show. visit demo


  1. A Web Server
  2. PHP execution on the server (XAMPP it's the easiest way to set the environment up)


Drop the files on a folder of your web server root. That's all!

URL configuration on uTorrent

  1. Go to eztv.it, and click on the show you want to create a RSS for

  2. The URL of the show should be something like this:


  3. Copy the last 2 parts of the URL: 481/game-of-thrones/

  4. The URL that you have to setup on the RSS feed on uTorrent should be:


IMPORTANT: always copy the last 2 parts (the number and the name of the show)

Heroku Deploy Installation

  1. Click on this link. Deploy

  2. Log with your credentials.