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Design, automate and monitor workflows in realtime.

Designing automated workflow processes is as easy as drag and drop. Create and connect tasks to create a custom workflow that replaces manual steps with automation.

Run tasks in your own computers

Tideflow's agent allows you to run workflow tasks in your own infrastructure. Either if it's for running an arbitrary command from your personal computer, or building and deploying after pushing to GitHub from your office's server.

Create complex task connections

Our workflow editor allows you to create multiple-to-multiple connections between tasks. Tideflow's execution engine will take care of the rest.

Automate and create anything

Tideflow comes with a set of services that will allow you to do things like automating website contents scraping, automate build and deploy processes, generate PDF files, send emails and more. You can also build your own integrations.


Quick start

Installing Tideflow is pretty simple. Once you have MeteorJS installed, you are good to go.

MeteorJS will create and launch an isolated MongoDB and Tideflow.


  1. Requirements:
  1. Clone Tideflow
# Via SSH - method for contributors
git clone git@github.com:tideflow-io/tideflow.git

git clone https://github.com/tideflow-io/tideflow.git
  1. You are all setup, cd into the Tideflow's folder and execute meteor.
cd tideflow

The process will take some time the first time. It will download the meteor release, all the project's dependencies, and start mongodb.

  1. Open your browser and visit localhost:3000

The first time you try to login, Tideflow will open the installation screen. This is a single step process that will create your first user credentials as well as some other necessary settings.

The next time you want to execute Tideflow locally, simply run meteor


If you would like to contribute to Tideflow, check out the Contributing Guide.



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